Origin's main focus is to procure a fully sustainable design and Adaptable approach with Adaptable 'Plug & Play' Science Implementation

Origin is an architectural practice, founded in 2020 by independent agents; Triptyque, a Franco-Brazilian agency, DDRA, an Anglo-French agency and in 2021 joined by Cctech, an Anglo-European agency. Following successful conclusion of several projects Origin was formalised into a company in 2023. These architecture agencies gather more than 20 to 30 years of experience each, which allows them today to cover a wide range of skills.

As a professionally qualified group we have adopted a work ethic of multi-level collaboration and a design methodology to fulfil the challenges and demands of science, research, health and developing technologies. Our consortium of architects was created in 2019 due to a disruption observation.

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Our approach is one of evidence based design allowing effective responses to the questions raised by the scientific world for environment and health.

Our aim is to provide technical and designed solutions that address these issues encompassing carbon reduction and continuity in controlled environments.

Our focus is to provide solutions with the lowest impact.

Architecture, science and environment, Origin is a unique and translational group of experts based on the desire to link science and health specialists with architecture and sustainable development.

At the heart of our work is our enthusiasm for architecture and our passion for environmental and science projects of all types.

These areas of expertise are also varied in education and tertiary building and all areas of research. This includes biocontainment, clean rooms, pharmaceutical production, or even semi-conductors.

Our mission is to support scientific and other users with a view to achieving efficient, flexible, and economic design.

Our approach is transversal and dynamic both on the needs, and users comfort and well-being while considering a targeted and effective approach to building maintenance.

The Origin group has elaborated a reading grid for the project around a sequential workshop with the users and the team necessary for the project.

Our holistic approach places the user at the centre of the creative design process, encompassing both the social and collaborative nature of a project.

The benefits of our experience and methodology are expressed in terms of well-being, motivation and creativity:

  • We have identified multiple layers of well-being that can improve and stimulate people in a research and education environment;
  • Research environments in confined laboratories tend to generate stress, requiring high levels of concentration and raising questions of “safety in the workplace”;
  • Our methodologies promote a sense of enhanced socialization, invigorated group culture and communication which deliver benefits that facilitate discovery and exploration, stress reduction, boosting confidence and ultimately ensuring the retention of your “best talent”.

The Origin group works in synergy with all project contributors which typically include the client, architects, engineers and project management. The system is developed to expand or contract with the needs of each unique project.

  • Our strength is in the platform of multiple integrated specialist disciplines we provide;
  • Our knowledge base within the fields of science and research facilitates original and innovative solutions;
  • We are able to meet or surpass project criteria using our evidence based methodology.

In response to a volatile world climate it is crucial to create environments that are both in harmony with and have low impact on natural resources whilst delivering a sense of vitality, comfort and tranquility as these positive energies reflect on the well-being of the occupants.

The life cycle of a building is defined by an integrated quadri- dimensional analytical grid: 

  • Carbon reduction and neutrality, ensuring research field safety in line with 2050 targets;
  • Create the environment for the positive reuse of all building materials, taking building reversibility as part of the environmental approach;
  • Analysis and action on user issues and the short & long term economical needs of both the occupier and the stakeholder;
  • Employ known and  predicted data to revive & maintain local ecosystems, allowing them to flourish.

The energy strategy is built around the following principles:

  • Reduce requirements through good passive design using accurate program methodology and energy forecasting.
  • Reduce consumption through effective, low-carbon supply and systems.
  • On-site renewable power production facility.

Buildings associated with research use on average 40 % more energy than tertiary building work. Therefore, our challenge is both to achieve a carbon reduction on the building envelope and the technical requirements and research spaces.

This involves, in cooperation with users on thorough needs analysis, short and long-term objectives on scientific issues and constructive choices and details of the design phase.

Design primarily functional uses and methods of appropriation towards the general envelope of the building to rethink the places.

Considering the choice of materials and their origin, our strategy is to:

  • Rating the positions that have the greatest carbon impact;
  • Optimising volumes, proportions, and quantities;
  • Work on material typologies and local sources, aims to obtain a BioSource label;
  • Implement a structural readout grid allowing reversibility and flexibility of uses and functions in the short and long term.

The concepts involved in this concept include:

  • In our urban environment, the benefits of considering the use of plants on roofs, outdoor urban settings, and facades (if applicable), are aimed at reducing the increase in temperatures around the building and mitigating the increase in external heat stress.
  • The diversity of plants that we have contributed to the overall composition contributes to the improvement of endangered biodiversity in the city.
  • This addition of plants acts as a filter by reducing the absorption of air particles while providing a sense of well-being and people within those areas.


The Origin group brings together a team of more than 50 professionals across Europe and South America with unique know-how, certified skills and specialist knowledge in fields such as: bio-architecture, progressive engineering and interior architectural concepts. 


Due to the nature of our business, our website is on a constant development.




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